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My goal in photography is to create Fine Art Photographs. A Fine Art Photograph is both aesthetically pleasing and technically excellent. Neither is sufficient on its own. Technical excellence alone is uninspired and does not captivate. Beautiful subjects without good technique are dissatisfying and not enjoyable.

My grandfather, a bird enthusiast, took me with him on his photographic travels into the wilds. I’ve loved natural settings and their inherent beauty ever since. I’ve been lucky to spend a fair amount of my life with nature. Though raised in an urban environment, I’ve moved to increasingly rural settings throughout my life. I now live on a working farm abutting a huge conservation area.

I seek out locations where nature predominates and then find marvelous vistas. Finding nature at her best takes exploration, persistence and patience. In addition to location and vantage point, truly wonderful images require the intersection of solar time (time of day), astronomical time (season & planetary time), meteorological time(weather), and personal time. Everything has to come together at the exact same moment and in the same place.

For people, I seek to capture images of individuals and groups their natural setting when they are behaving naturally. This requires travel and time to build relationships. Everyone will mug for a camera until the photographer is familiar and accepted. Speaking of generalizations, almost everyone photographs well; far better than they expect. Family outings, corporate and social events are among my favorite gatherings to photograph.

While I work hard to capture images accurately in finished form, I use technology to bring out the true beauty in the scene. In short, I will do everything necessary to the raw image captures to create Fine Art.

Please contact me if you have a wonderful subject to suggest using the link  on the left.

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